Compact Sushi Machine + Transfer System | SSN-JLX + TRS-JLX

Compact Sushi Machine with Shari-tray Transfer Unit

Optimal for advance preparation and volume production



- Backwards compatible with the SSN-F model.
- Product configuration patterns adjustable.
- The Compact Sushi Machine can also be used without the transfer unit making it easy to also produce only a small number of rice balls if necessary.
- Hopper sits low, so sushi rice can easily be loaded.
- The measurement unit keeps the rice at a low density and with uniform distribution so the machine produces fluffy rice.
- Uses a comb tine-method to form the sushi rice into soft balls without cutting the grains.
- LCD touchscreen is user-friendly and what's more simple to use. Touchscreen will also display detailed information about any errors that arise, allowing operator to use machine with confidence.
- Simple construction means it excels in terms of sanitariness and washability. Assembly and disassembly also easy.
* Please toss the sushi rice before loading. In particular, be sure that any sushi rice that is under 40ºC or vacuum cooled has been tossed well before loading.

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